Don’t Let Your Home End Up As A Dead Listing

February 1, 2018

There is no shortage of real estate agents who want to list your home for sale. So it’s common for other agents to do whatever it takes to get a new listing, whether it’s an unrealistic listing price, discounted commission, or rushing a home to market that’s not properly prepared for sale. The listing then gets put on the MLS and the agent crosses their fingers and hopes something good happens.

Unfortunately this often leads to a listing that expires because the home is never sold. Telling homeowners what they want to hear and depending on luck is not an effective way to get your home sold. Skill and expertise always produce better results, especially in the guard gated communities we specialize in.

So how do you determine who has the skills and expertise that will actually get your home sold? Just ask one specific question: What percentage of their listings actually became closed sales?

I’m proud to say that of our 40 closed transactions and counting year to date, we are batting 100% when it comes to getting our listed homes sold. Zero listings expired. Producing these results requires doing something that virtually no one else in our industry would do. We tell homeowners the truth and politely pass on listing a home when the price and/or condition are not realistic to delivering what you want — getting your home sold.

We’re in the business of selling homes, not gathering a collection of listings and depending on luck. So that’s our promise, we won’t waste your time or ours. If you’re interested in selling your home, please contact me at 702–605–7480. You can always count on us to shoot straight and tell you the facts.

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