The Work Put in by Rob and the Team Spoke Volumes
May 2019
Willow Creek

My family and I owned a large home in The Willows, and we decided it was time to downsize and sell the home. After doing some research, I had three Realtors come to the house for an interview. We unanimously decided that Rob Jensen was the right choice to sell our home.

One thing that surprised me about Rob and his company was the amount of investment he was willing to put into marketing and getting exposure for our home. The filming, the videos, the drones, the pictures, the glossy print brochures, the 3D tour—it all showcased our home so beautifully. The work put in by Rob and the team spoke volumes about their investment in getting us the best possible price on our home sale.

The fear is always that your house is not going to sell or that you’re not going to get the price that you want out of it, but Rob and his team put us at ease. We knew they would do their best to get us the best price possible. We had full confidence that Rob could do that, and he certainly did achieve that for us.

Once we had a buyer and a solid deal, the search for a new home started. There was no question for me whether I would continue to work with Rob and his team. Karen, one of the Realtors on Rob’s team, took the time to listen to me about what my needs were for the new home, and she was able to really narrow the list down to certain houses that would meet my needs. When I brought the boys by to check out one of the houses the second time that I looked at it, they fell in love with it. It has such a unique floor plan, and we all have our own space. I knew this house was the right fit for me and my boys. We purchased it, and we couldn’t be happier.

Even though I purchased a brand new home, Rob strongly suggested getting a home inspection. I questioned this at first. I thought, “It’s a brand new house, there won’t be any issues.” But I’m so thankful for his suggestion and that I spent the money on a home inspection because there were some issues found that I probably would not have found until years later, and we were able to address those.

The thing I enjoyed most about working with Rob and his team was their willingness to put up with all my questions. I could always get one of the team members on the phone when I had questions about the sale, the paperwork, and the purchase of this new home. Karen was always readily available. The video production team was also amazing. Overall, I just loved the genuine concern and investment from Rob and his team—in me as a person and in selling my home.


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