I Would Definitely Choose the Rob Jensen Company Again
February 2020
Red Rock Country Club

After renting out our home in Las Vegas for many years, we decided to sell because we saw the market going back up. My husband found Rob online after doing some research. We chose him because he sold more properties in our neighborhood, Red Rock Country Club, than the Realtor we previously worked with. Rob also seemed very personable and thorough.

By the time we actually hired the Rob Jensen Company and started the selling process, the market was already tightening, so we feared that our home wouldn’t sell. It did take a long time, but I knew Rob’s team was doing everything they could to market it. The team’s home stager Saundra came by and suggested we change the wall colors and a few other things. We thought the home was top-notch when we put it on market, but tastes have changed. Rob worked with us on that. We had to make some tough decisions lowering the price, but eventually we found a buyer and were able to close.

After we sold the house, the HOA was supposed to refund us about a thousand dollars. Karen stayed on them for weeks to get me that money. She didn’t have to do that. The deal was done. They all could have just walked away, but she and Rob stuck around to make sure I got that money back.

I would definitely choose the Rob Jensen Company again. They were very thorough, and I liked Rob’s calm personality. There was no drama. Just action.


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