I Got Everything I Was Asking for and Then Some
April 2021
The Ridges

The market in Las Vegas was at an all-time high, so I reached out to Rob to see what the opportunity was like for selling my custom home in The Ridges. It turned out to be great, so we put it on the market, and it sold real fast. I think one reason the home sold so quickly was the marketing done by Rob and his team. I anticipated that the time between listing and selling would be much greater. Given the fact that it was a large custom home in The Ridges with very unique amenities, it had to appeal to a certain buyer market that was probably fairly small. The way the home was presented—with the marketing materials, the video, and all of the extra efforts that went into it—made it a compelling purchase. I got everything I was asking for and then some, so it was a great experience. The results couldn’t have turned out any better.


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