Year in Review

Happy New Year! If 2022 did anything, it reminded us that the only thing certain is change. People don’t sit around browsing the local newspaper for listings anymore. Buyers and sellers alike want education, entertainment, and interactivity, which is why we’re so passionate about embracing social media as much more than a fast and convenient marketing tool — and why we have continued to invest so much time and money into it.

Gone are the days of simply sharing photos of your breakfast. We like seeing avocado toast as much as the next person, but when it comes to real estate, there’s so much more that can and should be done to maximize your property’s reach and get it sold — things that we are able to accomplish every day as a team of full-time experts.

From marketing properties with our dynamic and rich videos to sharing stories and advice, we have had a tremendous year growing our audience and maximizing our reach to benefit our clients.

On top of building our in-house studio — which includes the latest in high-end camera and audio equipment to make the best content possible — we have continued to pay for highly targeted ad campaigns to reach the right buyers locally, nationally, and globally.

Check out our 2022 social media stats and learn more about some of the platforms we use below. To see what we’ve been up to and join the conversation, please check out our content wherever you hang out online.

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