The Strongest Holiday Season We’ve Seen for Luxury Real Estate

December 14, 2020

There I was, white-knuckled and holding my breath, driving 130 MPH into a tight corner, right on the tail of the car in front of me. Without foot brakes—because apparently NASCAR drivers only care about speeding up, not slowing down—I definitely felt a new level of fear going into that corner.

I’m no NASCAR aficionado, but the Richard Petty Driving Experience reinforced a lesson I’ve learned many times: Professionals make things look easy. When you’re watching from the stands as one car effortlessly tailgates another at max speed, it’s easy to forget that there’s a trained driver behind the steering wheel. They might make it look simple, maybe even boring, but it’s not. Drivers crash all the time, sometimes fatally. Fortunately, real estate isn’t life or death, but making the wrong decision can still hit your bank account hard.

Consider this: Even with this year’s spectacular luxury real estate market, which boasted 937 guard gated single-family home sales from January through November, 235 homes did not sell. These listings expired. For every four homes that sold, one did not. In a market this hot, it’s common for sellers to think that “any agent will do.” They may even believe that staging the home, shooting a video, and having glossy brochures is a waste of time and money—that selling a home is easy. However, the 20% failure rate proves otherwise. Even in the most robust luxury market Las Vegas has seen, you still need a professional to get the best results.

To avoid conflict, many agents take on a listing without mentioning what must be done to prepare the home for sale. The result is a lower sales price, or worse, an expired listing. At the Rob Jensen Company, we’ll always tell you what it will take to get your home sold for the best price in the shortest amount of time. You don’t have to sacrifice price for speed; in fact, record-setting prices often coincide with quick sales.

Pending sales for November were up 103% over November 2019, which makes this the strongest holiday season we’ve seen. Closings were up just a hair over October, and inventory continues to decline—down 7.6% over October and November 2019. If you’d like to take advantage of these favorable conditions to sell your home, and perhaps buy a new one with record-low rates, put our expertise to work for you. By consistently creating outstanding results for our clients, we make the difficult look easy.

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