The Only Brokerage Model That Ultimately Puts Clients First

One of the biggest issues facing the true professionals in the real estate industry is the overwhelming amount of part-time, commission only, and unqualified real estate agents that clutter the landscape. This has caused many people to lump all real estate agents into one less-than-ideal category.

We get it. No one recognizes this or is more frustrated by it than we are. But it’s important to realize that the real estate industry is similar to other professional services industries. Just as every doctor, lawyer, consultant, accountant, etc. does not have the same level of expertise, there are top real estate professionals who are drastically more qualified than the norm and consistently provide exceptional value to their clients.

Here’s what sets us above the pack. Every member on our team is a salaried full-time employee. We do not have commission-based independent contractors or part-time hobbyists working for us. Because there is no financial incentive whatsoever to do anything else, it’s easy for our staff to put our clients’ interests where they belong – first. This is extremely rare in the real estate industry and translates to a client-based focus that is second to none.

Additionally, we never try to be all things to all people. It is simply impossible to be an expert in every type of real estate in the Las Vegas Valley. Everyone on our staff is highly trained in the 43 luxury home communities in Summerlin, Las Vegas, and Henderson which we specialize in.

Whether you are looking to sell your home, or buy a new home in one of our luxury communities, our unique business model will provide you with exceptional value. Please call me at 702-605-7480 and I’ll be glad to speak with you personally about your individual needs.

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