The 4 Factors That Will Always Cost You Time, Money & Headaches When Selling Your Home

March 1, 2017

I’m always grateful for the opportunity to help clients in need. Recently, I’ve seen an increase in the number of home sellers contacting me because they did not sell their home with their previous agent. While each situation is unique, here are some common factors I’ve encountered.

The first issue is what I call the “related agent”. Almost everyone knows someone who is a real estate agent. It is all too common to hire a relative, friend, or friend of a friend, instead of a dedicated expert with specific experience in your market. This “related agent” hiring rarely ends well. There is a huge difference between listing your home and actually selling your home.

Another issue is what I call the “real estate factory.” Bigger is not always better. Successfully selling luxury residential real estate is completely different than the total volume of homes an agent is willing to list – especially when they do it at inflated sales prices. An agent who patronizes home sellers into thinking their home is worth more than it really is will have a hard time delivering a successful sale.

The last two common factors which always cost home sellers time, money, and headaches, are second rate marketing materials and/or a poorly defined sales plan. It’s important that the quality of the marketing match the caliber of your home. You also need to recognize that listing your home on MLS and crossing your fingers is not a sales plan. Additionally, every selling aspect must be formally addressed before any plan execution takes place.

We exclusively specialize in guard gated and select gated communities in Summerlin, Las Vegas and Henderson. Our team is well versed in every phase of marketing and selling your home for top dollar.

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