They Worked Together as a Team to Sell the Home
January 2021
MacDonald Highlands

When the time came to downsize, our son referred us to the Rob Jensen Company. We were immediately impressed by the team’s marketing materials and the way everything was packaged together. After deciding on a price, we had some repairs to take care of. Nothing major, just some repainting and windows that weren’t sliding right. Rob helped us find contractors to do all the work. On the first day the listing went live, we got an offer. Since it was day one and the offer was low, Rob advised us to wait, and we agreed. A few weeks later, we accepted an offer much closer to what we wanted. From listing to closing, the team left nothing unanswered and did everything they were supposed to do. They worked together as a team to sell the home, and now we’re very happy living in our smaller home.


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