They Got the Job Done Right
February 2019
Country Rose Estates

My husband and I decided to sell our home in Summerlin because we were moving to Seattle to further his career. Rob Jensen represented us when we bought the home four years earlier, so we kind of naturally went to him when it came time to sell. He knew what condition the house was in when we bought it, so we wanted his take on selling it. Since we upgraded it significantly over the years, we wanted to know whether we could get out what we put into it. Rob and the team did some thorough research and presented that information to us.

We listed the home the week before Thanksgiving. The holidays aren’t the ideal selling time, so our biggest concern was that we wouldn’t be able to sell fast enough. If we could have waited until February, the house probably would have sold faster, but we had no choice. We had to move to Seattle before the hiring season.

I was surprised how thorough Rob and his team were with the marketing, especially since we were listing a home on the lower end of what the Rob Jensen Company usually sells. Even though we weren’t selling a $4 Million house, they still put the same amount of effort into getting our home sold in the timeframe we wanted. We didn’t reach our goal of selling before February, but after getting an appraisal and adjusting the price, it sold faster than many other comparable houses in the area.

Overall, we had a great experience working with the Rob Jensen Company. They got the job done right. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Las Vegas area.


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