The Rob Jensen Company sold our home in just two days!
September 2020
Country Rose Estates

The Rob Jensen Company sold our home in just two days! Around the time we decided to relocate and put our house on the market, we received a newsletter from the Rob Jensen Company. It was clear that Rob had an excellent team of experts to take photos and market homes the right way. After moving nine times throughout my career, I wanted to make sure we had a Realtor we could trust, and Rob hit it off with me and my family immediately. He was clearly somebody of high moral character, an ethical person, and extremely knowledgeable. We had a couple interviews with other Realtors, but when Rob presented his marketing strategy, that’s what really intrigued us.

Rob’s team hit the ground running. We had five team members come to visit the home the first day, and they all worked diligently and efficiently to sell it. Selling is a stressful situation, but we felt no stress. Rob’s team made the process so seamless. We were impressed by the time and money invested in Rob’s marketing strategy, especially the 3D imaging and photographs. We got a higher price and closed faster than we expected. It was phenomenal. Throughout the process, Rob took the time to explain everything. He brought up concerns we didn’t think about so we could plan ahead. He went above and beyond to help us out on the purchase of our new home out of state—something he didn’t get paid to do. He also secured a two-month stay in our home rent-free, which was just amazing. Rob and his team did exactly what they said they would do and more. We were so impressed.


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