Rob and the Team Took All the Weight Off My Shoulders
August 2020

My father’s house in Siena came into my possession when he died. I live out of state, so it wasn’t convenient for me to come to Vegas often. I started looking at the big real estate companies out there. At first, I was attracted to some of the discount brokers, but then I started thinking about it. I didn’t want an inexperienced or mediocre broker, so I decided to go with the best—someone who knew the specific area and guard gated communities. Rob Jensen came up on top of the list.

The property we sold is nice, but even nice properties require regular attention. Because of my dad’s sickness, there were some maintenance issues that needed to be taken care of before listing. Rob’s team had someone for everything—from interior decorating to mechanical work. They made it really convenient for me. I just had to write the checks to the contractors doing the labor, and that was it. Having a team that oversaw every stage of the process was comforting. Things were done exactly the way they said they were going to be done.

Living five hours away, I was unable to check up on the property regularly, which was stressful. If something came up, Rob and the team took all the weight off my shoulders and bore it themselves. When I had questions during negotiations, Monica, Rob’s Director of Sales, gave me the right advice. With her help, I know that I made the right decisions all the way up to closing. I’m very satisfied with everybody that had a hand in the selling process.


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