Rob and His Team Stayed on Top of it All
July 2020
The Willows

After living in the same house for almost 20 years, my husband and I decided we wanted to sell our two-story and move into a single-story. We first met Rob Jensen at a party, and he was also referred by a friend. From the beginning, he was very accommodating and personable. For example, when we found a house online that we wanted to see in person, we contacted Rob. He texted us right back and said he could be ready in a few hours.

We haven’t bought or sold a home in 20 years, so Rob’s expertise really helped on both sides. When we were selling our home, Rob walked us through the nuances of each offer and whether he saw any potential problems. His knowledge helped us avoid surprises. Things moved quickly, and there was a lot to do, such as scheduling inspections and addressing issues. Rob and his team stayed on top of it all. He had a person for everything, and they showed up and did the work.

When we were in the process of buying the house we’re in now, the seller got a little testy at times, but Rob handled it like a professional. He brought the seller back around because he has experience doing just that. He said, “Don’t worry, I’ll handle this. It’ll all be fine. Just keep moving forward.” In the end, we didn’t have to worry whether we bought at the right price because Rob ran all the comps and proved that the value was there. Anyone can say that they know what they’re doing, but watching Rob in action is a whole different story. We love where we live now, and we’re so happy.


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