I Never Felt Like My House Was Just One Out of Many
August 2019

When we moved to California about four years ago, we put our home in Queensridge North on the market. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to sell it because the golf course had just sold and home values were coming down, so we decided to rent it out. When our last renter left, we decided to try again.

I came back to Vegas to interview several different real estate agents. Most of the agents I interviewed just talked about themselves and how great they were. When I asked them for feedback on my house, they said things like “You don’t have this, and you don’t have that, and this doesn’t look good, and you overpaid.” When I interviewed Rob Jensen, though, his focus was how he could serve me. He was very approachable and easy to talk to, so I went with him.

I really liked that Rob brought over a home stager, Saundra, who suggested some improvements we could make to sell the house. Rob explained that “when you sell a house, it’s about a feeling,” which really resonated with me. I ended up hiring Saundra to help me choose paint colors and to figure out the little things that I could do to improve how the property would feel to potential buyers. Her help made such huge difference for me.

When I originally tried selling my home four years ago, my agent didn’t value open houses the same way I did, which is one reason the house sat on the market for six months without getting a single offer. I told Rob that this time I wanted to have an open house every weekend, and he followed through every single weekend. He said, “when you’re trying to sell a house, you need to be open for business.” I was very satisfied with the efforts of the team and really felt like they were working hard to sell my house.

I felt like Rob was truly on my side, like he was treating me the way he would treat his own sister. He really encouraged me to think carefully about offers and to not give my house away. He delivered on everything he said he was going to do. I never felt like my house was just one out of many. My calls were responded to, my texts were responded to, and I never had to wait in line behind other clients. I would recommend the Rob Jensen Company to anyone who wants to actually sell their home.


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