Had We Picked Another Company, We Don’t Think They Would Have Worked as Hard
September 2021
Red Rock Country Club

After living in Vegas for ten years, we moved to Florida and decided to sell our home in Red Rock Country Club. We knew plenty of Realtors in the neighborhood, but we wanted to go with someone outside the country club. The first Realtor we interviewed didn’t give us that warm and fuzzy feeling. Rob Jensen, however, seemed like a straight shooter. Even before interviewing him, we had been receiving his newsletter, and we had seen a few of his videos online. Rob worked with us on a price we considered fair. His team came out to take photos and write marketing copy, but our property never made it onto the MLS. After one showing, we received a full price cash offer. The house sold almost too fast, but there was a ton of added value during the closing process that made the commission worth it. We had several repair issues to deal with before closing, including a gas leak. We were worried about getting everything done on time, but Rob’s team helped us resolve all the issues before our closing date. We were incredibly impressed. Had we picked another company, we don’t think they would have worked as hard.


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