Buyer Success Story – Robert
June 2018

My name is Robert Iskander, and I just bought a property in Summerlin. I was lucky enough to meet Rob Jensen and his team and have them guide me through the whole purchase process. I have no regrets; as a matter of fact, if I were to buy another house tomorrow, I would hire Rob again.

My wife and I were frustrated about the market in California, so we decided to look into buying a home where you can get more for your money, such as Reno, Las Vegas, or Arizona. Rob was recommended to us by another broker, who said, “If you want the best broker in town, you should call Rob. He’s gonna give you great service.” After a couple of phone calls with Rob, we were convinced that we could find good value in Vegas, so that’s where we started our search.

We made a couple of trips to Vegas, and Rob was careful to plan in advance and make sure we knew exactly what we wanted and what he should bring to present to us. When we met with Rob for the first time, he introduced us to Monica. She did a great job narrowing down what we should be looking at. From the minute we arrived at the airport to the minute we left the next day, she showed us homes back to back. She probably spent at least 14 hours with us that weekend. We were very impressed.

Monica was a great listener. We wanted a mother-in-law bedroom inside the house, not outside. We wanted it to be downstairs, not upstairs. Over time, she knew more about what we were looking for than we did. She remembered everything, down to the smallest detail.

In the first go, we didn’t find what we wanted. Within two weeks, other homes came on the market. Instead of us coming to Vegas to see them, Monica would send us videos of the house along with her feedback. In fact, we made an offer on the house we wanted without actually seeing it because we trusted Monica so much. This home was fresh on the market, so we didn’t want to miss the opportunity. We made a very reasonable offer, and the seller accepted it right away. Monica helped us through the whole process. She did all the comps, so we were able to put in an offer with data to back it.

Buying a home is a very personal thing. You need a partner with you that not only understands the market, but really understands you as a buyer. Rob and his team were sensitive to our needs. They were not pushy. They never told us, “If you don’t buy this house, it’s gonna go away.” They told us to take our time and make the right decision. From the beginning to the end, before buying the home and after, we couldn’t have found a better partner than the Rob Jensen Company.


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