The Secret Recipe To Sell Your Home For Top Dollar
July 31, 2019

Expert Real Estate Tips

Sellers of luxury homes expect and deserve to get the highest price and most favorable terms that the market can deliver. In order to accomplish this goal, it’s important to understand the emotional factors that affect buyers. Our multiple decades of experience in selling high-end residences have proven that when you’re selling a luxury home, you’re really selling the “lifestyle experience”. The maximum seller benefits are achieved when you help buyers envision their family and the social events they’ll enjoy while living in the home. Subconsciously, buyers are thinking: Does it feel like my home? Can I see my family living here?

Buyers often spend a lot of time looking at properties online. They also visit open houses and view multiple showings before they finally make an offer. We use all the senses to touch on their emotional cues to make your home memorable and stand out from the pack. That means visually, audibly, and aromatically.

Remember that selling a home is different than living in one. Your home must show as neat and clean as possible. All lights should be turned on, blinds opened, ceiling fans set to low speed, beds made, and superfluous clutter removed. If your pool has water features, they should be turned on. If it’s not the middle of summer, then fireplaces should also be on.

Light music adds “energy” to a home. If your home has a surround sound system, then low-volume music should envelop the home. In the absence of surround sound, well-placed music players in the main kitchen area and the master bedroom are good substitutes. In both instances you should avoid standard radio stations, which are replete with commercials.

Often overlooked is the buyers’ sense of smell. Whether that means fresh baked cookies at an open house or gently scented candles for showings, this opportunity should not be missed. Additionally, the smell of fresh paint can actually give buyers the feeling that the home “looks” cleaner. Shy away from plugging air fresheners into multiple outlets as that can smell a little off.

We have an experienced team of licensed professionals that arrive early and prepare every one of our luxury listings before every showing. Please call us at 702-605-7480 and we’ll prove how our experience in the luxury resale market can help you.




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