Episode 16

Show Notes –

New construction can be stiff competition for resale homes.

In this insightful interview with luxury real estate experts Jared Barnett and Augusto Bittencourt—the dynamic duo behind The Barnett-Bittencourt Team in New York City—discover creative solutions to deal with buyers’ #1 complaint: “It needs too much work.”

In this episode, we also discuss actionable advice for luxury real estate buyers and sellers, from avoiding pricing mistakes to winning bidding wars.


  • A common pricing mistake that sellers are making.
  • What “comparables” actually are.
  • How interest rates, tax reform, and new developments are affecting the market in New York.
  • Strategic marketing approaches to push and sell properties.
  • How video has made a huge effect on Barnett-Bittencourt’s business.
  • What it means to create “first-class” marketing materials.
  • Tips for marketing properties that need renovations.
  • How mockups, virtual staging, and renderings can help sell dated properties.
  • Why building rapport with buyers matters.
  • Advice on how to win a bidding war


  • “When pricing, only use comparables from the last 3 to 6 months.” – Jared Barnett
  • “Invest in the details to stand out in today’s market.” – Augusto Bittencourt
  • “No buyer likes uncertainty.” – Jared Barnett
  • “A good agent is like a catalyst that makes the desired result happen.” – Rob Jensen
  • “Your typical luxury buyer doesn’t always fit into the box that banks want to see.” – Rob Jensen
  • “I’m never going to push a buyer to buy, but I will push them to learn the market.” – Rob Jensen

The Barnett-Bittencourt Team at Compass, founded and headed by top-producing brokers Jared Barnett and Augusto Bittencourt, are proud to possess over 15+ years of proven success and real estate experience in the NYC market.

At their previous firm, from 2013–2017 they consistently ranked among the top 5% of agents by total sales volume. They have broken many sales records for their listings and serve the discerning needs of local and international clientele — from celebrities to CEOs.

With unparalleled knowledge of the real estate market, design, development, and architecture, The Barnett-Bittencourt Team is able to offer vital insight to their loyal list of exclusive clients. In addition to their dedication to quality service, clients enjoy working with Jared and Augusto because of their personable, approachable, and optimistic outlook, which brings a unique level of energy to every deal.

The Barnett-Bittencourt Team is recognized throughout the industry — being featured on Million Dollar Listings and are sought after consultants for outlets such as Realtor.com, Lending Tree, Property Shark, live radio shows, and podcasts.

Whether a developer, first-time buyer, seller, or investor, The Barnett-Bittencourt Team offers the highest level of service and knowledge to every client.

Website: Barnett-Bittencourt.com
Email: Jared.Barnett@compass.com
Instagram: @barnett_bittencourt

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