Episode 18

Show Notes –

Negotiating real estate can be a real headache. Nothing comes easy, especially when cultures clash and there’s a never-ending supply of inexperienced agents involved.

In this insightful interview with Amit Bhuta of ALL IN Miami Group, we discuss how keeping up with modern technology and understanding the market you’re in can make all the difference.

Find out how Amit uses artificial intelligence to better understand who he’s negotiating with, learn the nuances of selling high-end homes to celebrities, and discover some innovative approaches to marketing luxury real estate on YouTube.


  • What it means for a market to be segmented.
  • How your agent can use artificial intelligence to better negotiate on your behalf.
  • Why understanding the other party’s motivations is crucial.
  • How culture and personality affect negotiations.
  • How to choose an agent that has more to offer.
  • Why you should look your real estate agent up on YouTube.
  • Amit’s innovative approach to renovating homes for sellers.
  • The importance of making your property compelling.


  • “The biggest savings you’re able to get are usually through negotiations.” – Amit Bhuta
  • “The problem is that most people negotiate exactly the same way to people with different personalities.” – Amit Bhuta
  • “Knowing the market well is what we do.” – Amit Bhuta
  • “Having market knowledge makes all the difference.” – Rob Jensen
  • “Get on YouTube and look at your potential agent’s page.” – Rob Jensen
  • “If it’s not compelling, it’s not selling.” – Rob Jensen

Although he was born in India, Amit Bhuta has lived in South Florida for over 40 years and truly loves everything about his Miami home. From the perfect weather, to year-round outdoor activities and many luxury amenities, there is something for everyone’s desires. With a deep passion for his career in real estate and genuine enthusiasm for his hometown, Amit’s expertise and candor throughout the process of buying or selling a home is something that his clients consistently value.

Website: allinmiami.com
Email: amit.bhuta@compass.com
Hashtag: #TheIndianRealtor

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Rob is the president and owner/broker of the Rob Jensen Company, which exclusively specializes in working with buyers and sellers in 42 guard gated and select gated communities in Summerlin, Las Vegas, and Henderson, Nevada. Rob’s 15+ years of local industry expertise have made him a sought after real estate expert source with the media. He has served as a guest commentator for numerous national broadcast television networks including MSNBC and BRAVO. He has also provided content and commentary to The Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, BusinessWeek.com, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Real Estate Executive magazine, Growing Wealth magazine, and the Los Angeles Times, among others. Additionally, Rob has penned a recurring monthly real estate column for the Las Vegas Business Press.

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