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With over 13 years in the business, Rob Jensen and Company has the expertise, sales team and extensive marketing reach to get your home sold for top dollar.  Buyers have options in today’s market, and therefore it is more important than ever to have a real estate firm that knows how to make your home stand out.

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Rob Jensen Company Videos

In today’s market, there are “fake” virtual tours, like those made out of still photography and then there are professionally produced productions, that utilize the latest in 4k technology, aerial drone footage, gimbal technology for the smoothest of property walk-throughs, scripts, edited music and so much more.  Professional videos allow more than just a 24 hour “open house” experience.  It’s produced and edited in such a way to truly show off your home and all of its special features.  With this tour in hand, we can then market your home globally, like no other agent can.

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